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Starting Business 2 (EN)

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Register for a Starting Business (EN) online course,

Number of students assigned to each course is limited, therefore applications will be submitted on a first come first served basis.

Course Schedule:


Starting a Business (Fall: Two days evening 3 hours)

- Registration deadline: Dec 10, 2020 Start date: Jan 12, 2021

Schedule: 2

Starting Business (English-Online)

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business in Canada, this program perfectly meets your needs.

Registration Documents

  • Permanent resident or citizenship card

  • Proof of address in Quebec

  • Medical card

  • CSQ

Course details

  • AVS hours: 330 h

  • Schedule: 1- One day a week (6 hours morning) or

  • 2- Two days a week (3 hours evening, 6:00PM - 9:00 PM).

  • Avenue: Online

  • Language: English

  • Financial assistance: Loan and bursary


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